24 Stories is a small settlement in Vilnius inhabited by families who tell their stories

In Gineitiškės, surrounded by nature, 24 cottages with private courtyard spaces and small neighbourhood community were designed for families longing for peace and quiet.

About the Project

All 24 cottages are different, with their area ranging from 77 to 109 m². Courtyard areas vary from 32 to 184 m². Although the Gineitiškės settlement is located away from busy streets and noise, the connection with the Vilnius Western bypass is convenient and fast. Houses stand out with their modern architectural solutions. Clinker with wood motifs is used in the exterior.

Quality of Life

There is no lack of privacy in this quiet settlement. There are no large apartment buildings around. Gineitiškės have common leisure areas for adults and children with chess and checkerboard tables, trampolines, swings, children’s playgrounds and ping-pong tables.

Technical Advantages

A+ energy performance class houses are an economical and comfortable choice. Warm, hermetic and marketable cottages will not lose their value even after 10 years. Moreover, autonomous gas heating system installed in the house will allow you to manage your expenses independently. 

Closer to Nature

24 Stories settlement is distinguished by its specially created Provence style landscaping and Gineitiškės Lake located nearby. Each cottage has a private lawn separated by lavender, sage, catnip and other plants.